The reasons for the popularity of the profession of a trucker driver

The profession of a long-distance truck driver is popular for several reasons. Firstly, it gives a sense of independence and freedom that is not present in many other professions, since drivers are often on the road, managing their schedules and routes. In addition, there is a constant demand for truck drivers, as they play an important role in the transportation of goods. With an ever-growing economy and the expansion of online shopping, the need for truck drivers to efficiently deliver […]

Brazilian bingo and its varieties

In this article, we will look at the diversity of Brazilian bingo and why it has won the hearts of players, offering them unique rules and many opportunities to win. At the same time, it is worth noting that you can choose a suitable site for the subsequent game by using the rating on the link Such an opportunity will help to significantly save time and effort, immediately plunging into the excitement.

What is Brazilian Bingo?

Brazilian bingo is more […]

Who invests in Web3

According to Ilya Maksimenko, there are about a thousand funds investing in the sphere of the “new level Internet” and related areas all over the world. According to the expert, the venture capital market is mainly represented by qualified investors and venture funds from the USA.

“Consequently, the US now directly or indirectly owns the entire blockchain and Web3 market along with the infrastructure for developers.”

Among the leaders, Maksimenko names funds with billions of dollars of investments in this area: a16z, […]

Top 5: The world’s leading investors in Web3

The selection is based on Crunchbase data on the number of Web3 projects in the fund portfolio.

Leading Web3 Investors

Leading Web3 investors. Source: Crunchbase

Information on funds is taken from three sources: Crunchbase, Pitchbook and Golden. Data on the total amount of financing and the total number of investments in these sources may vary.

Coinbase Ventures

Country: USA

Foundation year: 2018

Total funding: $15 million

Total number of investments: 274 in 241 projects

Industries: Blockchain, Crypto, FinTech

Funding Rounds: Seed, A

Companies in the portfolio: OpenSea, Alchemy, Polygon, Raible and […]

The most popular investment areas

Egor Abramov, the principal of Fort Ross Ventures, cites the portfolio of the Polychain Capital fund as an example of the distribution of investments in areas. The expert believes that in general it reflects the general focus of investors

According to portfolio statistics, the first place is occupied by DeFi projects, the second by Exchange and the third by Security and Privacy.

Polychain Capital Portfolio Statistics

According to a joint report by Messari and Dove Metrics, the top 4 Web3 destinations included:





Ilya Maksimenko […]

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market has fallen below $1 trillion

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market has fallen below $1 trillion. This was caused by the fall of the bitcoin exchange rate to $ 19 thousand, which, in turn, was caused by the strengthening of the US dollar due to the aggressive policy of the Federal Reserve System.

The policy of the US Federal Reserve has put pressure on all risky assets, which include cryptocurrencies, CNBC notes.

The experts interviewed by the TV channel also pointed to the connection between stocks and […]

Salary in cryptocurrencies: how do employees meet this innovation and what risks can there be

Companies around the world are increasingly offering employees to pay for their work in cryptocurrencies. New York Mayor Eric Adams and National Football League quarterback Aaron Rodgers are already being paid in bitcoins. We tell you who such an offer is suitable for and what risks it carries.

Bethany Goldson is a human resources specialist at HR solutions development company Remote. In July of this year, Remote offered its employees to receive part of their salaries in cryptocurrency, and Goldson immediately […]