The most popular investment areas

Egor Abramov, the principal of Fort Ross Ventures, cites the portfolio of the Polychain Capital fund as an example of the distribution of investments in areas. The expert believes that in general it reflects the general focus of investors

According to portfolio statistics, the first place is occupied by DeFi projects, the second by Exchange and the third by Security and Privacy.

Polychain Capital Portfolio Statistics

According to a joint report by Messari and Dove Metrics, the top 4 Web3 destinations included:





Ilya Maksimenko shares the opinion about the popularity of DeFi projects among investors: “DeFi as a segment of automated financial services on the blockchain has attracted and continues to attract huge funds from funds and financial institutions.”

The DAO, according to the expert, is still at the initial level of development, but Maksimenko admits that “a great future” is predicted for this area.

“There are also many interesting technological niches, such as verifiable credentials, social graphs, privacy, distributed storage, and so on, which are now rapidly developing and integrating with the main DeFi and Metaverse products,” the CEO of Plasma.Finance concludes his thought.

Roman Doronin believes that the most understandable area for investors is the Web3 infrastructure, so key investments are attracted to it.

Eldar Khamitov, a partner at Polymorphic Capital, has his own vision of the investment picture. So, in his opinion, in monetary terms, the largest investment segments are “traditional businesses providing services in this market,” primarily financial ones — exchanges, crypto banks and the like.

Many companies from this field from the point of view of venture capital are already in the late stages of development and attract large rounds. Khamitov also considers this segment to be the most understandable for traditional investors.

“In second place is a fairly wide and diverse group of infrastructure projects — these are first- and second-level blockchains, protocols for decentralized data storage and processing, and much more. Next come NFT, Metaverse and DeFi,” the investor shares his position.

According to Roman Malyshev, projects related to tokenization are of interest. Also, everything related to DAO and distributed networks has a huge potential.

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